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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye and Good Riddance to 2008

The best anyone can say about Cleveland sports in 2008 is that there is some semblance of hope for a better 2009.

The Indians fell on their faces in 08 but have had a solid off-season leading into the new year. Picking up Mark DeRosa for minor leaguers is an impressive move. He is a younger and cheaper Casey Blake. It is always good to hear the other team's fans upset when you pick up a guy so I expect DeRosa to quickly become a fan favorite here. He provides insurance as he can play 2nd or 3rd in case Peralta or Cabrera aren't ready for a switch or an injury moves things around. The Indians seem to play better in odd number years and the front office has improved the team.

The Cavs fell short last season but you could argue the team made itself better by taking that step back. Things have been great so far this season but the Cavs ended 2009 with a loss and have been a bit off the last few games. But Boston has also struggled during the same time period. It is that time of year in the NBA. We will find out a lot about the Cavs on January 9th against Boston but the truth is these two teams will butt heads in the playoffs and that is all that matters.

That football team of ours still has me pissed off. Lets worry about them next year.

Be safe out there. See you next year.