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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Is this the real thing?

So last night at a bar, I spent a half hour talking about the Cavs. It is the month of December and strangers are discussing the red headed stepchild that is the Cavs. That shows just how disillusioned people are with the Browns and just how impressive the Cavs have been this season.

Now let me reiterate, people weren't discussing 2010. They weren't talking about LeBron's choice in sportswear or even his outstanding ability. They were talking Mo Williams, Delonte West, Wally, Z, Big Ben and the young rookies. As fans, we can see the chemistry.

Windhorst has hinted that it in fact real and today wrote his most concrete article about how this team is together and different.

Like most in this town, I tend to gravitate to the grey in the lining. I have been built up over and over only to come crashing down. So I have slowly embraced this team. I have been careful to stay at arms length.

But it is getting harder not to get excited.

This team looks like the real deal. And maybe all the 2010 talk is the perfect smoke screen. What they are doing is going mostly unnoticed. But I guarantee that Danny Ainge in Boston is paying attention. Danny Ferry has done his job assembling the pieces. Dan Gilbert has become the owner this town has always desperately pined for. He will spend whatever it takes. We have a superstar about to hit his prime. And he has a locker room of perfect teammates.

I promised myself I would not fall in love again. But it is getting harder and harder to stay at arms length.