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Monday, November 03, 2008

Careful what you wish for

Well just hours after Romeo Crennel told the media there were no plans to make a change at quarterback, the Browns announced that Brady Quinn would start on Thursday night against the Broncos.

Short week. National TV. What could go wrong?

My guess is this call came from over Crennel's head. The proof would be that a decision was actually made. To proactively change something on the fly is not Crennel's style at all. I could just see ownership picturing 70,000 fans screaming on national TV for Anderson's head. The playoffs are lost so the Browns should wisely find out what they have in Quinn. And if it calms the fan base that is bonus.

I was at Sunday's debacle and have tickets for Thursday. Frankly I was not that excited to go to the game. Who wants to go to a funeral? This switch should fire up the crowd and make for a more exciting than it should be atmosphere on Thursday.

Only two days of practice and prep, no worries. But the Browns might as well start the future now.