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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ex-Tribe in the playoffs

As someone who travels to Milwaukee eight or more times a year, I saw up close how the city fell in love with C.C. Sabathia. The man could run for mayor right now. I would imagine no matter what uniform Sabathia wears next time he is in Miller Park, he will get a standing ovation. What Sabathia did since the trade was amazing. He literally pitched the Brewers into the playoffs by himself. His pitch counts were crazy and his performance in the season ending playoff clincher was pure balls. I was happy for Sabathia.

So his start today in Philadelphia leaves me a little sad yet at the same time comforted. You couldn't expect Sabathia to keep pitching the way he did on three days rest over and over so you can't label him a choker. He proved his worth down the stretch.

But if he would have went out and been dominating in the playoffs, I think it would have made last year hurt even more. I can't help but feel game five against Boston last year was our last best chance to win a World Series. That what if will always be there. I have cheered for Sabathia since the trade but when he failed today- my reaction was strangely relief. I was not happy he got squeezed by the umpire then light up for a grand slam but it brought me back to earlier this year when he helped torpedo our season by getting lit up. Obviously we had bigger problems than Sabathia, but his slow start was a big catalyst to this waste of a season. So while I was happy he got Milwaukee into the playoffs, I felt at peace when he was what he was for us. A good pitcher but not the messiah.

On another note, two ex-Indians hit huge home runs this week and I had vastly different reactions. I really hate Jim Thome. Just looking at the man makes my stomach turn. It had to be him that got the White Sox into the playoffs. It made this season even more painful. Yet I still love Manny. I could really care less what he did in Boston. I don't blame him and I will never boo him. I usually not a big fan of Bill Simmons, for me he is a lot like Dane Cook, I don't get the appeal. But this article pretty much hits the nail on the head for me. And Manny never won anything for me. He may have left Cleveland but he never betrayed me. He may gotten bad advice but he never pretended to be anything than what he is- one of the best right handed hitters of all time.