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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Season set to start

It is the eve of the Browns opener. And I am searching for what I am feeling as the season approaches.

The preseason could be seen as more of the same. Every single offensive skill player had an injury of some sort. Two offensive lineman are unavailable and their absence eliminates all depth at what was to be a strength. On the defensive side both safeties are hurting, both corners are green and any depth at linebacker was lost this week in practice when Peek was lost for the season. All of that has those that believe in curses screaming from the hills that the sky is falling.

The national media noticed. After building the Browns up in the Spring and anointing them contenders, they have already skinned their knees leaping off the bandwagon. If you believe in predictions the Browns should not bother showing up tomorrow. The national media is predicting a bloodbath.

I find this comforting for some reason. I like that expectations have been lowered. The Browns went 7-1 at home last season. They learned how to win. Now the Cowboys have been pencilled in as Super Bowl Bound. They had their own HBO show. They have declared themselves an all star team. Tell me that won't fire up the Browns. They are 5 1/2 underdogs at home. Tell me that won't insult Kellen and Braylon.

I have been wrong before but I don't see the Browns laying an egg tomorrow. Everything says they should but if this if going to be a good team then pride must rise to the top.

And I am calmly confident that they will.