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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dog Days

The dog days of summer don't leave much to write about. The Indians are in extended spring training, I have nothing to say about Brett Favre that hasn't been said and there is nothing to write about the Browns until September.

I have found that I can no longer listen to talk radio or Around the Horn without getting irrationally mad about the stupidity of most sport fans so I quit listening and watching. I still watch every Tribe game but since winning isn't important I can relax and actually enjoy it.

The Indians season has tempered my enthusiasm for the Browns. Sure, I can feel the tide has turned just as you have but I am trying to keep an even keel until September. Freaking out every day over practice and hoping for no injuries is not productive for me or anyone else. I am just going to try and lay low until Labor Day.

Thankfully the Olympics start next week. It will be a great stress free distraction outside of the basketball games where the only outcome I really want is a healthy LeBron.