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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Someone needs to put Matt Underwood on a word count

Matt Underwood must go.

He is the Cliff Clavin of Cleveland broadcasters. I need him to shut up. Just call the game and forget the trivia and stories. I understand that he came from radio where you have a lot of air to fill. But he has now been on TV long enough to realize we can see pictures so we don't need every second to be filled by words. Less is more Matt. You make the games unlistenable.

If Indians pitchers can have pitch counts than Underwood needs a word count. I wish the radio cast matched up with the tv cast so I could put on Hamilton and Hegan but the time difference doesn't allow that.

And besides Underwood incessant mindless banter, it is obvious he has no chemistry with Rick Manning. Underwood tries to dig Manning all the time and you can tell Manning is just annoyed, often he lets Underwood hang himself or just corrects what Underwood says really quickly. You can tell the difference whenever Manning gets to do a game on the week on Fox. Whoever his partner is always makes Manning better.