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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


That was frustrating.

Before the season started, I had my doubts about Boston. They surprised me with a great regular season. They were able to build a bench because the NBA waiver rules are unfair but still I was not impressed. I believed they were built for one game at a time and a not series. I still believe that. Boston is not a good basketball team. The Cavs are also a very flawed team and yet despite LeBron struggling mightily, they still had a chance to win in the final minutes.

Wait, you might be thinking LeBron scored 35 points how is that struggling? Points are only one facet of the game and in my opinion, LeBron had his worst game of the series. He had just three rebounds and five assists. He was an anchor on offense and did not get his teammates involved in the second half. It was frustrating to watch.

The Cavs can still win this series. They should be able to win at home and if they can kept game seven close sooner, the Celtics may fold. Kevin Garnett may be the best front running basketball player in the league. The tighter the game gets, the more he will disappear. The Celtics won tonight because Paul Pierce stepped up and made free throws. But if the Cavs lose, I will be surprised if the Pistons don't win in six or less.