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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cavs turn the heat on

I go to one basketball game and the Indians turned an unassisted triple play.

At least it was a great game, I sat so high the flames from the scoreboard scorched my eyebrows. But the one good thing about sitting that high is you can see plays develop that you can't on TV or even much lower in the arena.

LeBron has worked hard to become a better defender but his help defense still leaves something to be desired. Often when the Cavs defense does break down, it is because LeBron doesn't switch or he starts watching the ball and leaves his defender. But James closes better than most anyone and his talent overcomes a lot of that.

I have been critical of Cleveland crowds before but last night the crowd was ahead of the scoreboard operator. I found it interesting that the crowd started chanting for Wally not after one of his threes but after his foul while the Celtics were shooting free throws. On that play, Allen got a double pick and Wally pleaded for LeBron to go chase Allen for him, but LeBron stayed. That decision created the foul Wally had to take. And Wally went and talked to him. I am sure it has happened before but I can't recall a teammate taking LeBron to task for a play. It warmed my heart, Jordan always need players like Steve Kerr who were willing to stand up to him. It made the whole team better. It validates the whole trade.

The entire four has played outstanding defense in this series. Sure they have brought some offense but defense is the key.

I have watched LeBron's dunk over and over and over. It is a classic. But that dunk happened because Joe Smith took out Paul Pierce with a nice pick.

It is hard not to get excited after these two home games. Anderson appears to be back to form. The rotation seems solid. LeBron has to start shooting better. All the pressure is on the Celtics. I can't wait until Wednesday night.