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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Same result

I am not convinced that we weren't the most talented team on the field but they won again. And you can't argue with that.

I do know that all the goodwill built up by Crennel, Anderson and Edwards was used up in this game. Romeo butchering of the clock was stomach turning. He looked amateur. Anderson's decision making was awful. It will be hard to defend him against cries for Quinn. I understand throwing away your pro bowl quarterback for an unproven youngster makes no sense. And while I don't advocate pulling the switch, I have no rebuttal for those that will scream for it. As for Braylon Edwards, I can't think of a Brown player ever, especially one as obviously talented as he is, that I have despised more. Simply put, he is the Browns version of Larry Hughes. I am so tired of watching him flap his lips and drop balls.

The Browns held the other team to 10 points and lost the game. I am speechless at the offense. I am speechless about the coaching. Another lost opportunity.

Being down 0-2 doesn't mean the season is over but the Browns have dug themselves a huge hole. And the blame is on Crennel, Anderson and Edwards. You can't do anything else. All three have a ton to prove in the next few weeks. A ton.