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Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Browns whimper away week one

Well that wasn't any fun.

The Browns got beat and they got beat without much of a fight. I suppose it was more competitive than last year's opener when they were pistol-whipped but it certainly wasn't any fun.

Our secondary looked as green in person as it did on paper. Our linebackers were mostly invisible. Braylon Edwards was awful. Our offensive line got bullied for much of the game.

The Browns have a lot of excuses in place. Injuries, lack of prepartion and youth in key places. But none of them wash. People get hurt, others have to step up. I don't care how much practice you miss, if the ball hits your hands you have to catch. I don't care how young you are, you have to wrap up on tackles.

The Cowboys looked as advertised but the Browns did not put up much of a fight. The end result was a loss and the Browns better come up with a better game plan and execution of that game plan next week. It might only be week two but the season is already on the line. The bullies are coming to town and we have to punch them in the mouth.

Or else. It is already next year. And that is getting really old.