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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Worst case scenario


I left the Indians game early to watch that. What a disgusting mess.

A lot of faith was lost in that game.

Faith was lost in Derek Anderson. His decision making was poor. He looked lost and way over his head. This is not a new trend. As great as his numbers were last season, he has struggled since the halftime of the second Steelers game. That is also the moment, where the Browns went from carefree surprise to pressure-filled contender. He has handled it poorly. His reads are awful and frankly he looked scared to make a play after the second interception.

Faith was lost in the coaching staff for continuing to send out Anderson. I don't care how Crennel is in practice. He has shown no ability to adjust. He has shown no ability to make a tough decision. I want coaches who grab situations by the balls. This staff waits for things to come to them.

Faith was lost in Braylon Edwards. Top NFL receivers don't need help. They make plays. Edwards commits stupid penalties and drop balls.

I don't care about injuries. I don't care about excuses. The Browns got punched in the mouth early in the third quarter and their response was to cover up and hide. They rolled over.

At least now the pressure is off. The playoffs look to be impossible. Maybe that is what this team needs. No expectations.

Sickens the stomach doesn't it.

What makes this season so disappointing isn't just the losing. But the rolling over. The being unprepared. The inability to produce anything that could even be misconstrued as hope.

The Anderson era needs to end. And if it doesn't then the Crennel one will be soon to follow.