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Monday, October 13, 2008

Notch one for the good guys

I can't stop smiling, how about you?

Every if came to fruition in that game. Anderson and Edwards stepped up and played like they did last year. Our young secondary change the game with three huge interceptions and solid play all night, our backup tight ends both had huge game in replace of Winslow and our offensive line dominated the game.

The Browns couldn't stay onsides on offense yet they still won the game against the defending champs by three touchdowns.

Was the season saved last night? Not really but it the Browns stayed alive. Hope is back on the docket. Road games against playoff teams loom the next two weeks, but if the Browns can repeat that effort, anything is possible.

In the whole nation, the only "expert" I saw to pick the Browns was Steve Young. After the game, he said the Browns offense was on par with New Orleans and that if they played to their potential, they could make the playoffs. And it is hard to argue with him, the Browns shot themselves in the foot all night and played without Winslow, yet were unstoppable. When the punter never steps on the field, you are going to have a good night.

It was a win that soothes the soul. A win that makes you forget all the wrongs of the first four games. It is a good night to be a Browns fan. Enjoy it.