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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Long wait for Browns football almost over

Two Sundays without Browns football in the middle of the season is way too long. It seems like months since they last played. One would think I would be anxious and excited about Monday Night Football returning tomorrow. But the opposite is true. I had a ticket to the game but I gave it up. I will still watch the game and try to will the Browns to a victory but being surrounded by drunks in what looks like it could be a funeral for the season doesn't sound like fun.

Rational thought tells you that the Browns have no shot to win on Monday. The Giants have looked really good, the Browns not so much. Any chance of over confidence was lessened when the Browns defensive line talked trash this week. Making you wonder about the NFL player's ability to be self-delusional. After the ugly win over the Bengals, players like Edwards and Anderson were talking about getting their swagger back. Those comments worried me. Have they no idea how bad they have played?

All of those feelings were before Kellen Winslow Jr.'s trip to the hospital this week. I will save the jokes for elsewhere on the Internet. But only the Browns could lose their best player and leader on the field during the bye week with swollen testicles.

I am sure once the ball is kicked off, I will be fine and into the game. And here is hoping that I have these players misread. Maybe they will rise to the occasion and in the bright lights, they will make a statement on national TV and save this season. Maybe Anderson and Edwards will redeem themselves. Maybe the defense will back up the words of players who haven't contributed much. Maybe the coaching staff will learn when to use timeouts and calls plays that benefit our talent. Maybe we will line up the right way and run the plays as called.

Lot of freaking maybes.