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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The wheels fall off

My boss didn't visit me in the hospital. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. The one guy I would have predicted to be the most real man in the locker room moaned after the game against his general manager not calling him when he got a staph infection. Man this team is in trouble.

Turns out Monday night was an aberration and not an adjustment. The old sins came screaming out. Braylon Edwards dropped passes for most of the game. Derek Anderson made poor throw after poor throw which he trumped with several horrid decisions. Yet at the end of the game, they had a chance to win.

And that is the concern. I don't just a chance to win. I want to win. I think Derek Anderson is the perfect back-up quarterback. I have felt that way for almost three years. He has a gun and when forced on the field, he can attack a defense. He can gunsling with the best especially in a comeback effort. But he is not a someone who can follow a game plan. He is not consistent. He is not reliable. He is not a manager of the game. He will make throws that will get scouts to drool but he is a coach-killer. I don't know if the kid back-up is the real thing but I am more than ready to give him the keys. And that isn't a reactionary view. Anderson wasn't very good the first few drives in the Giants win but after the huge bomb to Edwards, his confidence soared and the win was on. But I need consistency in my quarterback. The Browns got ball twice inside the 50 in the first quarter and squandered it. And yes Anderson threw the late touchdown to Edwards but he only got that chance because the defense forced a turnover. His decision making on the goal line on the series before combined with questionable play calling (If I can call out the play four times in a row so can the other team) should have cost the Browns the game right there. And on the final drive when he had to make the throws to get the Browns a few more yards, he fell apart.

I understand Romeo has loyalty but that loyalty is going to get him fired. It is time to play the kid. Anderson will show flashes of brilliance. But he isn't the guy. It is time to find out if the other guy is in fact the guy.

And the Winslow comments really bother me. I don't care if he is right. The Browns have had way too many staph infections. It is a problem and something needs to be done. But to say stuff like I could have asked for a trade or I could have pulled a Chad Johnson, please that is exactly what you just did. I would have chalked about his lack of production in that game to his illness or Anderson but those comments make me wonder about his commitment in the game. And I have never question K2's commitment before. He even got a jab in about his contract. It is that what this is really about. Be leader and stay committed to it. My boss didn't call, really?

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