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Monday, October 27, 2008

Browns win

When the Browns win: food tastes better, tequila goes down smoother and life is easier. You can read the paper, watch ESPN and smile all day. Browns wins make everything better. Hope takes over and anything seems possible.

Yet I stand by my criticism of Derek Anderson. He is inconsistent and he is not the quarterback I want as my starter. The man is maddening. For every great throw, there is the lame duck. And while Chud made a brilliant call (And Anderson fulfilled it) on the fourth and one, sometimes our play calling is curious at best. Our calls between the forties is weird, I don't get it. Also I don't understand our play calling inside the five. I would make Josh Cribbs our Qb on the one but what do I know. But if I can yell out each play then I am guessing the other team's D coordinator can too.

However I can not remember the last time we had a high price acquisition who lived not only up but beyond expectation like Shaun Rodgers has. He is making me forget 92 was Micheal Dean Perry's number. Rogers is a game changer. And our linebackers own him a steak dinner.

I admit the second last pass of the game scared the crap out of me. As that ball bounced around I saw every painful final second loss we have ever suffered but Sorenson came in and cleaned up. It was beautiful.

We can worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Winning is good. We are just a game out of the wild card and everything is possible.

What a great day not only did the good guys (the Browns) win but the bad guys (those pukesburgers) lost.

Enjoy the week.