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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Savage and Browns make a mistake

Count on the Browns to take a bad situation and make it worse. I disagree with suspending Winslow. I believe not only is it a mistake, but it sends the wrong message.

Winslow was wrong with how he handled things after the game. He talked in anger and frustration. But he had a point. You just don't scream at the Gm in front of everyone and then talk to the press.

But to suspend him that is just as wrong. Winslow did not miss a meeting. Winslow did not hit a teammate. Winslow used words. They are just words. The Browns have coddled Braylon Edwards and his actions for years. He has never be suspended. Edwards has yelled at teammates. He has missed meetings. But the Browns have tolerated his actions.

On the other hand, Winslow got a staph infection something that has sidelined several players, spent time in a hospital and a week later was on the field. He runs his mouth and the Browns suspend him. I don't care what the players say but that has to divide the locker room. Winslow got slapped for biting his owner. The staph infection issues have to scare the players. And when Winslow was told to hide it and then talked about it, he got suspended. Phil Savage showed who was boss and made a statement. I don't think it was the right one.

I can't help but feel Savage has been planning to rid of Winslow for sometime. Winslow is right, he is a piece of meat. An affordable one right now but not one Savage wants to pay more. I think Savage knows Winslow and his agent Drew Rosenhaus, possibly one of the most evil and sought after agents in the world, were not going to live up to the next three years of his contract. It is why Savage drafted Rucker and why he is playing the tough guy know. I can see suspending a player who is hurting the locker room with his actions but I don't see Winslow doing that. He yelled at his boss, he should be fined. But Savage is hurting his football team just to hurt a player. And I think that is wrong.

Phil Savage has gotten mostly a free pass in this town since the fans saved his job after his first season. But I think it is time to turn the heat up. His drafts have been questionable. His faith in Edwards and Crennel can also be questioned. And this rash of staph infections is inconceivable and if he asked Winslow to hide it from his teammates, maybe he should be fired. The Browns have a lot of explaining to do and instead they suspend Winslow. Not good.