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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Quick thoughts

So this is what my life has been reduced to? Cheering madly against the Steelers. Thanks to the Browns that seems to be all that is left of this season. So while hope is lost, it is always fun to see the bad guys lose. That final pass was scary though.

The Cavs have won ugly the last two games. And that maybe more than anything has me working hard not to smile so much. It is way to early to get that invested in the Cavs but I am liking what I see out of this roster. Pieces are starting to fit together. I like what Mo brings to the team. I am liking what I see out of West. Our frontline depth concerns me some but the Cavs have the most money out or the contenders to offer McDyess or there is some bait in Snow and Wally's contracts to make a trade at the deadline. The roster has improved so much that Sasha is in mothballs. This team is much better than the team that went to the finals and better than the team that should have beaten the Celtics last season. This team could make things very interesting come spring time.

I am wondering since C.C. was traded to the Brewers in between will that lessen the blow and the boos if and when he dons a Yankee cap.?

And congrats to Dawn Moses and her Olmsted Falls volleyball team on winning the D-I volleyball title. The game was shown on Sportstime Ohio and if you are a high school sports fan the first game of the title watch was one for the ages. The Bulldogs won 39-37 in a game that took 40 minutes to play. It was as intense and back and forth as any sporting event could be. If they replay, you should check it out.