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Thursday, November 06, 2008

That wasn't fun

I am not angry more numb. For the second time in just five days, it was a long walk out of the stadium.

Has any NFL stadium ever been so quiet on a final drive? The Browns still had a solid chance to win and the crowd was silent. Even when the Browns led by 13, you could feel an uneasiness. The crowd was waiting for the bottom to drop out. And then the bottom did just that.

A few quick thoughts before I go pass out:

-Wow our pass rush sucks.
-Wow our secondary sucks.
-Jerome Harrison needs to touch the ball more.
-Josh Cribbs needs to touch the ball more on offense. When the ball was on the one, he should have been under center. He needs to be on the field for offense more. Hell maybe he should even play some linebacker. The dude makes every special teams tackle and every return he makes is fun to watch.
-For a first start Brady Quinn played very well. He is everything Anderson is not. Quinn is not going to throw the home run ball like Anderson but he can make the short throws Anderson can't. The change at Quarterback was the right move. Hopefully with an extended break, the coaching staff will be able to open the offense more for Quinn.
-Oh Winslow! He played a great game yet it was his mistake that turned the tide.
-Wow our secondary sucks.