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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Browns win again on Monday night

Derek Anderson owes Brady Quinn's agent a lot of money. If Quinn had not held out as a rookie, Anderson never sees the field last season and doesn't get paid last off-season. If Quinn had showed up last season day one, he would have started all sixteen games last season. Maybe the Browns would have won just eight games instead of ten but they didn't make the playoffs anyway. At any rate, the Browns would have been ahead of schedule this season, there is no doubt in my mind.

I like what I am seeing out of Quinn. Ignore his stats, Quinn did everything he had to tonight. He avoided the rush with one exception all night. Braylon Edwards may have put up some numbers but he let Quinn down twice big time. Once early in the first when the Browns would have had a first and goal and then late in the fourth when a catch would have kept the drive alive.

Regardless, the Browns won. And I think Quinn has shut idiots like Trent Dilfer up. Anderson should have never been the starter this season and the Browns have paid a price.

The defense did just enough. And can we book a ticket to Hawaii right now for Shaun Rogers. The man is a beast. He makes our whole defense go.

I still can't figure out why on offense that Josh Cribbs and Jerome Harrison don't touch the ball more. Cribbs doesn't care about his body or welfare and will do anything to score. And Harrison is just magic when he gets the ball. Both need to be more involved.

Call me crazy but a win like this just screams why Romeo Crennel needs to go. This team is one of the five most talented in the AFC. This season is lost and it really didn't need to be.