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Monday, December 15, 2008

Quick thoughts


I actually heard people at the bar whining about the Cavs losing to the Hawks. Put this into perspective, playing without two of their main rotation guys they went on the road for their fourth game in five nights, did not shot well or have their legs on defense- yet had a wide open three to force overtime.

You can't really ask for more than that.

Despite how many points Andy has scored the last few games, it is obvious how much the Cavs miss Z. Andy needs to pick and roll with LeBron or Mo where Z can just pick and pop. The big man's jumper opens the floor for the rest of his teammates. Teams can make Andy beat them and focus on the everyone else. Even though Andy has gotten better, do you really want him taking so many shots.


I am excited about Kerry Wood. Sure the skeptic in me is screaming ARM TROUBLE but at least the team is being proactive instead of pollyanna. The last few years, Dolan tied Shapiro's hands and said I hope everything goes right. This time he ponied up and looked to the outside. I know they spent more than they wanted and that might take a veteran starter out of the mix. I want a veteran starter more than a second baseman. Lee and Carmona looked good at the top. But each has been hurt one of the last two seasons. We need a veteran who eats up innings as the third starter. I like Reyes and you have all the lefties fighting for the fifth spot. But I would feel better if those lefties had one spot instead of two in the rotation. I heard the Marlins were looking to sign Paul Byrd if they can afford him so can the Tribe. I know the Byrd man drove me nuts at times but he looked to turn his season around last year after Bert Blyleven helped him out. You can say what you want about Travis and Victor getting hurt last year and how JoBo going down ruined the pen. But the Tribe was still in contention despite all that until Jay Westbrook got hurt. Starting pitching is the difference maker in the American League and we don't have the rotation we once had.


Is it wrong butI am worried the Browns will win out or win two of the last three and save Crennel and Savage's job. I know it is not likely but it seems like the kind of shit we would do. For three hours tonight I will cheer for us to win. But for the rest of the week, I want a new staff and a high draft pick we can turn into a linebacker. Crennel has proven nothing on the field and the more I hear Savage talk the more I think he is not leader of men. I don't doubt whereever Savage goes next he will do a great job scouting but neither man is suited for the postition they are in.

College football
The Heisman has become a joke. The winner is no more the best player in college football than the Chic Harley or the Maxwell Award is. The Heisman is just owned by ESPN which I guess makes it worth less in reality than the Chic Harley or Maxwell.