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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let the bodies hit the floor

So the reports are in that Phil Savage isn't making the trip back to Cleveland. And that Romeo will have his chance to make his case to Randy Lerner to save his job. Word has it Romeo is well-liked and that Lerner appreciates the class act way Crennell handled being thrown under the bus by Savage. Is there anyway Romeo can save his job?

I can think of one. Here is a report from ESPN.

Now if Lerner was really ready to thrown $8 million to Cowher, he certainly would through that much at Bill Parcells to be the GM. If you looked at the rest of teams on the list, Lerner would be a preferred owner. You know Randy will jet back to England and let Bill do as he pleases will a blank checkbook. Parcells would then need an apostle to coach the team. Maybe Romeo is that guy. Maybe he isn't. But that would the only scenario that could save Romeo.

Parcells has never been my favorite coach. But you can't deny he brings leadership. It would be his voice throughout the organization. I don't see this as likely. But it is a hope and that is all we have left. And Parcells plus ??? is more appealing to me than Marty or Cowher or the flavor of the month. This team needs a voice more than it needs a coach. Savage proved he was not a leader of men. We need a leader.