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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Who put the game on at 1pm?

The two things I took from today's Cavs game were:
1. If the Wizards played as hard as they do against the Cavs every night, they would not be the worst team in the Eastern Conference. It is amazing how players can just not care and then turn it on for certain teams.
2. The Cavs are not the same team without Z.

Both were obvious and did not take any deep insight on my part. God Bless Andy and what he is doing offensively but without Z the offense stalls. I am all for getting the kids minutes but the Cavs are going to have to explore if there is a big man out there available who fits the following criteria:

1. A veteran post player who has been through the battles.
2. Can hit an open jumper.
3. Is not a huge liability on defense.

I am not too worried about the overall best record. Would I love to have home court and avoid the Orlando Magic, of course. But I believe this team can win on the road in the playoffs and play with anyone. Our frontline health worries me more. I sort expect us to drop as many games this month as we did the first two months of the season but it won't mean the roof is caving in. Z sitting out could be a blessing. It gets the kids minutes and it might push Ferry to bolster the frontline. And in the end, the less wear and tear on Z might be good too.

As for the game itself, when did they start calling travelling in the NBA? I loved the Mike Brown freak out. But I say boo to early afternoon games on a Sunday. I wanted to watch the NFL all afternoon and save my NBA for the evening. Now what I am going to do this evening.