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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A bump in the road

Well we knew it wasn't going to easy.

The Cavs began the night without their starting front court. Delonte West started off strong as the Cavs built a big early lead then West had one of the scariest head smacks I have seen. It was hard to watch and FoxSports followed with the live sound. Not good. The fact West made it back to the bench for the second half was impressive enough. And as scary as the head smack was the thought of that wrist being broken is scarier.

Mo Williams stepped up with his three-point shooting but he did not have the best game making decisions. Mo has meant so much to the team but there are still times when you shake your head and wonder what he was thinking.

One way to describe the game would be to call it gutty. Missing three starters, the Cavs still had the last shot to win the game. LeBron took a good shot and he missed it. But honestly until the overtime, the Bulls tried thier damnedest to lose this game and the Cavs kept finding way to let the Bulls stay close. I know they missed three important players and the refs made two bad calls back to back near the end of regulation. But the Cavs missed open shots and they made bone headed decisions and lost.

It happens. I expect tomorrow to be ugly as well. LeBron will need to score 50 to win that game and it might not be enough.

But it is January. There is no need to panic. We had the high of last Friday and now we have to ride out this stretch. The Cavs have talked about being a family all season. Reporters talk about this team having chemistry. Adversity is where you find out if that chemistry is real.

Here we go...