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Friday, January 09, 2009

Good Guys win

Now that was fun.

Now in the big picture it doesn't mean all that much. But without Big Z, the Cavs whupped the Celtics. The Cavs held serve. Over the last two years, the home team has won each time. Come May and June this game won't mean anything but it was a lot of fun.

Yet to completely contradict myself maybe there is something to take from this game.

While I don't think all would have been lost if the Cavs lost, this game proved what the Cavs have felt all long. They are among the NBA's elite. When the bright lights were turned on they answered the bell. This game can only help the Cavs growing confidence.

As for Boston, this game isn't the end of the world. But there has to be some tension in the locker room. Boston was on top on the NBA world on Christmas Eve. There was talk of 70 wins. Then the Lakers burst their bubble and Boston has lost six of eight coming into the game. Yet there were some that said Boston would come out and try to prove something. And what they proved is right now they are not a very good basketball team. Will they turn it around, most likely but panic started to set in during this game.

How can I say that?

Doc Rivers started to Hack a Ben with 5:18 left. And then soon after looked into the eyes of his Boston Three party and pulled the plug. The Celtics gave up in the fourth quarter. They are a beaten team. Last year they talked about their will and desire. Tonight they learned, they can't coast and just turn it on when they want. They gave their best shot and the Cavs kicked their ass. Will they respond and turn things around? I would imagine so. But this type of performance could lead to the Celtics making a panic move and adding someone like Stephon Marbury. Either way Boston will have to do something. I can't see them staying pat. They know the Cavs are much better then they were last year and they want no part of a game seven at the Q.

Come playoff time what happened tonight will have no real effect on any game, but enjoy tonight. It was a lot fun and adds fuel to the hope that this year is next year.