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Monday, February 09, 2009

Lakers send a message

Sunday's loss to the Lakers was just one game but man did the team from Los Angeles send a message to the Cavs. The second half was a whupping. Kobe sat on the bench for much of it and the Lakers slapped the Cavs around.

I took two things from that game.

First the Cavs can't trade Wally. He has become their most consistent three-point shooter and he allows Mike Brown a ton of flexibility. Wally allows the Cavs to play small or play big. He can bang some underneath and he can play at the two guard when needed. He is a big part of the Cavs success.

Second the Cavs are going to have to trade Wally. God bless JJ Hickson but against good teams and player he still looks like what he is -- a rookie. Man he did get torched. Hickson will be watching that tape with the coaches over and over. It is blue print on what else he needs to work on. Z opens the offense but he is limited on just who he can guard on defense. Ben and Andy can bring it on defense but you can't have both on the floor at the same time and still run an effective offense. The Cavs need another veteran front court player. And Wally appears to be the best bargaining chip to get one.

I know some will say the answer is right in front of us. Trade Wally, wait 30 days and let him get a buy-out and come back. But it isn't that simple. You would be asking Wally to give up some money and is suppose to do that and sit at home for 30 days out of loyalty? He hasn't been here even a year yet. And whats to say the Celtics or another contender wouldn't swoop in and sign him.

And I am not sure if the missing piece is out there. Brad Miller hasn't looked like himself this season. Mike Miller is struggling with his shot and even that isn't falling he isn't the post presence we need. I would rather have Wally. Vince Carter is a shooting guard and while adding Carter looks good in a video game I am not sure how he meshes on this team. I would love to get Antawn Jamison but I don't see that happening.

Personally I am for a smaller move. Just like every contender, I think the right piece is bringing back Joe Smith. Or doing what Boston did last year and convincing PJ Brown to come out of retirement for three months.

Danny Ferry has done a tremendous job turning over the roster since our Finals appearance. He has a tough decision ahead of him in the next two weeks. Does he stand pat? Does he risk another big move? Is there a small tweak available?

Frankly Ferry has earned the benefit of trust. He was correct last season with the blockbuster and I have faith he will do what is best for the club.

What a strange feeling to have about a general manger in this town.