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Friday, March 20, 2009

CBS turns it over

Cleveland State and the city has waited 23 years for this moment. And I feel like CBS took it away.

The Vikings were outstanding. They controlled the game and led wire to wire. Wake Forest made a run but the Vikings held them back and built the lead back. As the final minutes ticked down, the game was no longer in doubt.

So CBS switched to the Ohio State game and then the Wisconsin game. I get it a little, they want to show the final moments of close games. But the Vikings were on channel 43 locally. If anyone in Cleveland wanted to switch over, they could to channel 19. But at the very least CBS should have switched back to show the final ten seconds. There was no action going on. You could see the final seconds tick in the boxscore while CBS cameras focused on the bench of a different game in a timeout.

I wanted to see coach Gary Waters walked across the floor and shake the other coach's hand. I wanted to see the reaction of the Viking players. And feel CBS cheated us out of that moment. Not everyone has the Direct TV package. This was a special case. Cleveland should have gotten to see the final moments of its hometown team. Especially since the Buckeyes were on a other local channel.

It took away a little of the joy. At least the Vikings get to suit-up again on Sunday.