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Monday, March 02, 2009

Cavs find a way

On Thursday the sky was falling. The Cavs had their worst game of the year and lost Ben Wallace to a broken leg. And the schedule didn't look very kind with three games in the next four nights against playoff teams.

The sky is the limit now. The Cavs pulled out all three wins and it would seem Joe Smith is on his way to reinforce the bench.

The win against San Antonio was the only easy one as it should have been with the Spurs missing two all-stars. Cavs did not play pretty in Atlanta or Miami but they grinded out wins after trailing in the fourth quarter of each. This "No Excuse" team is living that motto to the fullest. On nights when their best effort wasn't there, the Cavs turned up the intensity on defense and found ways to win on the road. It warms the heart.