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Friday, May 01, 2009


Watching the Bulls and Celtics has been fun. It has been a very entertaining series. But I imagine my perspective has been different than most who have watched it.

Naturally it has fueled my hatred of the Celtics. The Celtics are a bunch of arrogant bullies who love to play the victim. Paul Pierce earned my respect last season but he has lost most of it. He is a very unlikable man. I have taken great joy watching him miss important free throws and then be the goat last night when he got stripped by Noah of all people and then commit a stupid foul to force himself out of the game. You have to like Rondo's game but he is punk just like his older teammates. Rondo could have been tossed from the last two games and if they weren't playoffs games, he would have. And in a series he hasn't played in, Kevin Garnett still found a way to increase his unlikabilty.

And the thing is, as much as I would enjoy watching the Celtics lose game seven at home, I want to play them this year. It bugged me that they waived the white flag before the playoffs so they would have an excuse when the Cavs pummel them. Their fans including Bill Simmons are now saying this is their finals since they can't beat the Cavs. I so want Garnett to get healthy because I want to watch LeBron and company destroy these jerks and leave them no excuses. But I will gladly watch the Cavs slap around a banged up Celtics. I don't like these guys and I want to be the team to eliminate them.

And while pundits are praising the Bulls, I see something else. The Bulls have let the Celtics stick around and not the other way around. For every great thing Ben Gordon has done in this series, I would never want him on my team. He is having a great series but Rose should have the ball at the end of the game. For every great shot Gordon has drained, he has missed more. It seems to me his two biggest shots were more luck than skill. He has hurt the Bulls just as much in big moments. Also I think the Bulls has achieved in spite of their coach. He doesn't look like he knows what he is doing to me. I don't think he has any control over what is happening on the floor. That way work for a series but it won't for the long haul. People are saying Bulls have arrived for years to come. That may be true but I think it is more likely they will underachieve next season, ole Vinny will get canned and then maybe a good coach will find a way to make this team better. Because there is no doubt that Rose is truly the real deal.

It is easy to take shots at Mike Brown. This is clearly LeBron's team but Brown as much as any coach could has also made it his. Brown held back the offense for years but because of that the groundwork of a defense mentality has taken hold. Ferry has found the right type of players to back up his superstar and Brown is the right personality to guide the ship. Del Negro is just there. I get the feeling this is just a Bull flash in the pan.

Regardless I have not had been so engaged in a non-Cleveland playoff series in long time. Let's hope for five overtimes tomorrow night.