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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good and Bad

More quick thoughts on the good and the bad of Cleveland sports.


-Count me in the worried the Pistons --especially Rasheed or Rip-- doing something stupid in the first round and messing up the Cavs. This team has survived injuries throughout the year but it will be tougher in the playoffs.

-Homecourt is always better than being on the road especially for a game seven.

-The Cavs celebrations go against everything I have always believed but strangely I am OK with them. Again it goes against my Clevelander instincts but the thought of screw what Boston or anyone else thinks -- we are who we are c'mon get us -- I am on board. Let them be offended. Forget about their hypcorisy. Forget being humble until you win. LeBron is the King and if he wants to wear his crown before he earns it, OK back it up. LeBron won me over with his comments the other day. It is the first time I heard him acknowledge what we as fans have been through over the years. He knows our suffering. He feels it. He knows it is on his back to change us.



I have been in Wisconsin so following the game play by play on the Internet isn't as painful of having to listen to Matt Underwood describe this horrid mess.

Browns (I said I wasn't going to think or write about the Browns until August but the schedule came out and I can't help myself.)

Everything that has happened since one in the afternoon on December 23, 2007.

But if we can survive the first half of the season before the week nine bye. We end with five home games and three road games all against three of the other teams as bad as us last season in the Lions, Chiefs and Bengals. I know can't help myself. Forever Charlie Brown.