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Sunday, May 10, 2009

How does one stay grounded during Cavs playoff run

Over the course of my life more than once I have believed a Cleveland team was going to win a championship and each time I have expressed this belief aloud or in print, something bad has happened. It has gotten to the point, where it seems even my happiness during a single game can lead to a depressing loss. It has become a joke among my friends and family. When Cleveland State had a big early lead over Wake Forest in the NCAA tournament, someone else among our viewing party said,"They are going to win."Another quickly said not to jinx them. And the first person stated, "I don't believe in jinxes." So I said well then want to me to say it. And the whole room screamed, "No!"

During game six against Detroit in 2007, I kept asking my friend if I could call my brother. I knew just the ringing of his phone would drive him insane that I was jumping the gun. My friend made me wait until there was less then a minute to go. Later my brother said his phone rang in the middle of the third quarter and he screamed, "That better not be my brother."

This Cavs season has made it hard on my not to express my innermost thoughts. Many times in conversation, in print or even alone I wanted to scream aloud what could be. It has been hard to stay grounded. And for that I have to thank the Cleveland Indians.

After each Cavs playoff annihilation, I have been sky-high. More than once I had to be careful not to shed a tear at just thinking what might be. But just when I think I have reached my limit of happiness, there is the Tribe to bring me back to earth.

The Indians truly suck. This season has been an even bigger nightmare than last season. Cabrera and Martinez are the only bright spots. The bullpen is mind-numbingly bad. They have been a complete joke. And yet I haven't reached a depressing low because of King James and the boys. It has been a nice balance.

After growing up in this town, it is easy to grow accustomed to believing it can always get worse. And just when all seems lost, a flicker of hope brings you back. You start to believe and then wham the worst happens. Case in point, I started this post in the top of the ninth with the Indians trailing 5-1. When I typed the word "Case" the Indians had made it 5-3 and put the winning run on first base. I thought "Oh my God this can change the whole season." And before I could even finish the sentence, Choo popped up and the game ended.

But what I love about LeBron James is even though he grew up among us, he is not one of us. He believes he will end this city's championship drought. His teammates believe. And that makes me want to believe. But I hold back because I know how much it hurts. I want it so bad.

The Cavs have made it look so easy. My first reaction is to get really nervous. It can't be this easy. It won't be this easy. They will be tested. But man does having LeBron James on your side make you feel safe. It gets me excited. But there is a lot of work left to be done. I need to stay grounded and take it one day at a time. And what better way to stay humble then to watch the Indians.