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Monday, May 11, 2009

Cavs keep on keeping on

In the final minutes of tonight's Cavs clincher against the Hawks, my mind wandered. Did I really want to wait another week or more to watch more basketball? I thought of all those businesses and bars that could benefit from a game five.


I had to shake myself awake. What the hell was I thinking? Have the Cavs spoiled me that much? You play to win the game. You beat the hell out of anyone that you can. Screw anything else but winning. I will just have to live without basketball for the next several days.

Did you see how Wally played tonight? Did you see how DeLonte played tonight? This team is on a misson. They smelled blood and finished the job. Nothing else matters.

Eight games of wins in double digits. Eight games when even when the score was close there was never any worry. Eight more to go.

Enjoy the rest.