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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boston lays down

What a sad way to die. Boston coach Doc Rivers waived the white flag with 2:30 left in the fourth quarter. Most of his players quit much earlier. A Boston apologist might argue they ran out of gas. Their injuries and old legs went as far they could. I think Boston knew they couldn't beat the Cavs, knew they would be embarrassed and when they need to reach deep in this game seven, they quit. All the banners and all the ghosts weren't enough to muster any more fight. They took their title from last year and went home. They lost a game seven at home to an unworthy and flawed Orlando team. They broke down before taking on the team poised to take their crown. Just like a bully.

I wanted Boston. I make no bones about that. I wanted a chance to slap them around. I get that Garnett and Powe being hurt took some of the challenge away. But this team still had all stars in Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. They had pieces. I feel a little cheated.

Orlando may prove worthy. Maybe I am wrong about their coaching. Maybe I am wrong about their style of play. I know Orlando can blow out the Cavs in any one game. And that could very feel happen in game one. The long layoff hurts the Cavs more against Orlando then Boston. The Magic are young and they aren't tired. The long wait could add rust to the Cavs. That rust would have flew right off against Boston. The rivalry would have seen to that. But even if the Magic win game one but I just don't see them draining a high percentage of threes four times in seven games. And that is what it will take for them to beat the Cavs. It is the Eastern Conference finals but maybe LeBron has a letdown because it is not Boston. Maybe he feels cheated too like I do.

Hate makes playoff series more fun. I hate Boston. I hate their players. I hate their fans. How can you hate Orlando?

Guess I will find a way.