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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Quick thoughts

It's too hot for me to look up links. But if you are bothering to read this blog, I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Thought #1
I am not going to overreact to a preseason scrimmage. But blaming headsets for an interception -- really?

Thought #2
And Rod Woodson is an douche. (Listen to his hall of fame speech) I will boo (at the very least) every time I hear the name mentioned by Woodson for the rest of my life. Hmmm what did that bastard do as an owner to deserve the hall of fame. Lets see he ran out the greatest coach in NFL history and the greatest running back in NFL history putting the team behind the eight ball for all the late 60s and all the 70s. Allowed his money issues as an excuse to crap on the greatest fan base in the NFL. Only won in Baltimore because he sold his soul and then his team. That over shouts any other positive. Oh he helped the TV deal and made owners and players rich. He conspired with the man who would become the expansion owner to move the team. That owner and his family have screwed the pooch ever since. They have allowed the black and piss fans to grab a stronghold in this market. That man doesn't deserve the hall of fame. He made a choice when he chose to left. I don't want to hear about the politicians. That man ordered a no negotiation period and then made a secret deal to flee town. I will not hear of revisionist history. He is a rat bastard. He screwed the fans and this town. I won't shed a single tear for him or even say his name ever.