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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

In Danny I trust

I try to stay out of the silly season. At this point I trust Danny Ferry knows more than me. I know Dan Gilbert is willing to spend whatever it takes. I think they will do the smart thing.

I love how Charlie V has become the fan favorite. I am not saying I don't want him. I am just not sure he is the right guy at the right price for the right time. If signing him long term hurts us in the future to stay competitive than don't sign him. The kid has talent, I am just not sure he has championship makeup. He might be a get the money and shut it down type of guy. Look at Charles Boozer, he took the money from the Utah and then has acted like a baby ever since. Charlie has been a head case in Milwaukee. He tweets, he loses his cool in the wrong moment and he wasn't afraid to burn bridges.

If you want to put all your eggs in next year, I am OK with that if we win. I would almost prefer one year contracts for LeBron's last contract year. Keep flexible for the future. Basketball will be played in 2010 and beyond. If the Cavs do sign Charlie V, I will accept it is because Ferry did his homework. If we don't then it will be because Charlie wants cash not championships and I am OK with him elsewhere in that case.

But I know the fans will cry bloody murder if the Cavs don't sign him. And frankly I could care less what the rest of the fans think at this point.