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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

If you watch it they will ...

So today I decided to try something old. Instead of watching the Indians game, I went on the deck and turned on the radio. There I listened to Tom Hamilton while I read a book.

It was cool. I enjoyed it but then my toes got a little cold. But I also had a nagging feeling. The score was 2-0 as the sixth started and that voice in my brain said, "Go inside, turn on the TV and the tide will turn."

I didn't listen. Tommy said the ump blew a call at third and Kansas City knocked in two more runs. I gave in to the voice and went inside.

Sure enough before I could even warm up the recliner, the Tribe scored four times to tie the game. And in the next inning DeRosa hit a salami. Tribe wins 8-4.

And I can never go outside ever again.