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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Magic were better

All season long, the Cavs have spoken about being a family. They hang out together outside the games. They laugh with each other. They love each other.

We will see just how true that this. Because right now Charles Barkley was right and I was wrong. The Orlando Magic are the better team. It is hard to even be upset because there was no time during that game where I believed the Cavs deserved to win. Maybe LeBron had a chance to steal it but Magic were just better. Two of Orlando's best players in Lewis and Turkoglu didn't even play well and the Magic controlled the game. Orlando believes they are the better team and right now you can really argue otherwise.

LeBron saved his teammates in game two. He is the best basketball player in the world but I can't see him winning three more games by himself.

The Cavs as a family have to look at themselves in the mirror and step up. Brown has no faith in his bench. Williams and Z are hitting the shots they have to hit. The team is just standing there waiting for James to save them. You can't win that way.

Most disturbing is how tight they are playing in the fourth quarters of these games. Brown seems lost at what he wants. The players seem to be in a panic. There is no calm. There is no joy.
They are in trouble.

Lets hope that trust they claim in have in each other is true. And that it is enough to alter what appears to be a very short series.