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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another post

So last November, I bought six tickets for Jeff Dunham at $50 a pop. The dude cracks me up. It wasn't until the playoffs started that I realized I could have a conflict. And sure enough when the NBA released the schedule for Eastern Conference Championship series there was game five at the same time.

I mean I spent $250 on these tickets. What do I do? The show was scheduled to start at 7:30pm and the game not until 8:30pm so I thought maybe it won't be so bad. But of course it didn't start until 7:45pm and then it was just a warm-up act which was followed by a 15 minute intermission. How can you have an intermission before the show even starts?

I checked the score on my cell and the Cavs were up 22. Nice! I felt a lot better. I checked again and it was 1-point game at the half. I did not feel very good. The show which was a ton of fun ended and we were down eight. I felt sick.

Got to the car and Joe Tait was there to calm me down. We got home just in time to see Boobie hit a three near the end of the third quarter.

I have no words for LeBron James. What he does and the way he goes about doing it is beyond my comprehension. There has to be an easier way but you can't argue with his results. He once again put the team and by extension the city on his shoulders.

One hurdle down. A bigger hurdle awaits on Saturday. With LeBron on our side, I like our chances.