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Monday, July 27, 2009

Goodbye Garko

I haven't posted much because I haven't had much to say. But tonight the Indians traded Ryan Garko. Now Garko has been one of my least favorite players so his leaving is fine with me. Sure his average looked good this year but he couldn't field, he was super slow and he has very little power for a man his size and position.

But here is what bothers me and may be the final (albeit seemingly innocent) step to pushing me over the edge against Shapiro and Wedge. They have called up Andy Marte to play first base.

Now I am all for Marte getting another a chance. But once again the Indians are taking their best defensive player at one position and then playing him somewhere else. This makes no sense to me. Even when Marte was up here and couldn't hit, he was still a very good third baseman. Now he is tearing it up in triple A and we are going to throw him out there to play every day at his secondary position.

Maybe all this mess of the last three years is because Shapiro and Wedge have chosen flexibility over stability. Just pick nine guys and let them play. But no we have mess with guys. Garko started at catcher but played first then left field. Cabrera played second despite being the best shortstop on the roster for the last two and half years. Peralta should have moved to third years ago but no the brain trust had to wait until it was obvious to everyone else and therefore made Peralta make the change mid-year rather than do it the right way. DeRosa was played everywhere but where he played every day last season. LaPorta was a first baseman who was moved to the outfield then moved back to first base. Gimenez was a catcher who until recently played first and in the outfield. Lets just screw with young players so we can be flexible. I know it is not this simple but pick nine, show some balls and let them play.

I have also flipped-flopped on trading Lee and Martinez. I say do it. Some say if they do that they will lose the fan base. Well frankly, the fan base is already lost. And anyone who cries and screams will be back if the team starts to win. Lee has become a stud but he will be gone in 2011 so get value now. Martinez is great but he is not worth a contract extension. We overpaid for Hafner and now that contract is killing us. Resigning Martinez would end up being the same. Get a crap load of prospects. Get a manager who can work with kids. Let them play for their supper in 2010 and lets make a run in 2011 or 2012. I have no problem watching a young team scrap, fight and take their lumps. I just don't enjoy watching a team that never had a prime grind their way into fourth place. But at least they are flexible.