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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The trade was the right thing to do

I have to learn to quit reading sports message boards. You never know how a trade will turn out. You couldn't control the ligaments in Alex Escobar's knee. You have no idea how a minor leaguer will turn out. And yet the Cliff Lee trade has already been declared the worst trade ever even before the deal has been signed.

But I do know this: everyone hated the Bartolo Colon trade and that turned out pretty awesome. People hated the trade that sent Sutcliffe to the Cubs for prospects and Joe Carter turned out to be pretty good. Then years later Carter turned into Baerga and Alomar Jr.

One of the reasons the Indians struggled early in this decade was because Manny and Thome were allowed to walk away rather then be traded for prospects.

Frankly it makes no sense to cry over who wasn't included. You can only trade for what someone will give up. Trading Lee to me was the right thing to do. He wasn't going to be here long term. The Indians are not going to contend next season. In fact Shapiro did a brave thing trading Lee. It would have been easier to sit on him and hope for next year. Shapiro did the organization right for the future.

It is true that Shapiro and Wedge have failed in their plan. The team never turned out as advertised. Their jobs should be on the line. Hopefully this trade will finally allow Wedge to surrender and play the kids. Frankly Victor should be traded next. I love the guy and his leadership. I just wonder where his skill set will measure up with his next contract ala Travis Hafner. The Indians are a small market team, they have to turn assets at their height into more assets. Is it ideal to trade Cy Young winners and team leaders two years in a row? No but allowing a miserable season linger into false hope for next year is a bigger mistake.

I hear fans swearing off the team for good. I hear the Jake will be empty next season. Baseball fans will understand and the rest will be back when the team starts to win. Trading Lee and Vic may not be ideal but I want a championship some day. Keeping both for next season would not have helped that goal.

To the naysayers I say while I understand your pain, suck it up. If you are in your 20s, you have been spoiled. What you think is suffering isn't all that bad. You want to leave, leave. I wonder how many games those going crazy over this trade have even watched this last month. I say play ball. Go Tribe.

Edit: Apparently I am the only person in Cleveland who likes this trade. The fact Drennan and every Internet poster hate it so vehemently emboldens my belief that this will be a good trade. I can only imagine the reaction on WTAM and WKNR as I am not going to bother turning them on. Go Tribe!