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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rock bottom

I'm tired.

Been stuck in Wisconsin since Friday helping my sister's family move into their new house. The cable isn't hooked up yet so I couldn't watch football on Saturday or today. I found a Browns game feed on the Internet but thankfully it crapped out rather quick and I was saved from watching every bloody minute. Still I followed play by play on a Gametracker. Just walking away never occurred to me.

I am not going to defend Mangini. But I also want nothing to do with insane meltdown. Firing Mangini fixes nothing. Lerner selling the team fixes nothing. This team is a big black abyss and it is going to take a long time to crawl out of it. You can't whiff on a decade of draft choices and fix it in one off-season. If Bill Cowher was the coach the team would be 0-3. Same with Lombardi or Paul Brown. Screaming and busting things won't change anything. At least playing Anderson in the second half will shut up the calls for the back-up quarterback. Remembering we could have gotten a first and third for him at one point doesn't help.

The Browns are what they are. A really bad football team. And next week I will be watching just like I will the week after that and the week after that.

Sometimes acceptance is the first step. My expectations can't get lower. So I think the rage and anger will dissipate.

If you want to be angry and rant go ahead. But leave me out of it. I am not arguing with the irrational anymore.

They are what they are.

EDIT: Pittspuke lost --- choked even. Ha. That made me smile.