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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

LeBron is wearing the Wine and Gold, what else matters

LeBron is wearing the Wine and Gold, what else matters

I write this in jest, but I would not doubt it to be true. Someone somewhere on the Internet has already started a clock on when LeBron Jamess new contract expires and he will be free to become the king of Brooklyn.

Starting his junior year, just days after appearing on the cover of Sport Illustated, we have been hearing conspirousy theories of James headed to the Big Apple or parts nearby.

Of course most of the rumors start from New York writers and there wasnt any real foundational truth in any of the reports then or now.

You can read the hows, whys and whatever elsewhere. And frankly, I dont really care where LeBron James plays in 2012. According the Mayans, we are all going to be dead then anyway.

And even if the latest rumor is true and the contract is just fours with an escape clause after three, it doesnt start until after next season and the Cavs still retain the right to match any offer.

So for now, LeBron can wear a Yankee cap. He can party with Jay Z and Beyonce. He can even get a penthouse on top of the Empire State Building and eat only pizza from Famous Rays. But all that matters is for the forseeable future, LeBron James is playing for his hometown team.

For the first time in my lifetime, a young, budding superstar talent is going to stay and spend the prime of his career right here in Cleveland. And that, my friends, means we have a chance to win that title we are waiting for.

I dont care about his reasons either. I dont care if it was for money instead of loyalty. I dont care if it is just a stepping-stone contract.
I just want to watch #23 suit up for the Cleveland Cavaliers for the next few seasons.

And nothing anyone can say in this town or any other is going to take away the hope that is now present.

This is for real folks, put away the anxiety dont worry about years from now. Just enjoy watching the best basketball player on the planet play for you.