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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Please keep telling LeBron he can't

On Saturday LeBron James and Dwayne Wade had a combined 39 points — in the fourth quarter. That, in case you are wondering, is exactly what that guy on the Cavaliers radio commercials is always talking about.

And honestly it was more than that, it was two of the best basketball players in the world, deciding that they were not going to lose.

Here is LeBron's line in the fourth quarter - 18 points five rebounds and four assists. And while he did not really slow down Wade, who had 21 points in the fourth quarter, LeBron demanded that he start to guard Wade down the stretch. He accepted the challenge.

Wade was remarkable. He finished with 44 points, eight rebounds and nine assists. He carried his team on his back and answered just about every huge basket James made. Almost. While Wade did not blink, James merely took his play a notch higher. James finished with 47 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. But bigger than the triple-double was James answering yet another challenge-- this time on national television with a performance talked about across the nation. This was bigger than just another win. It was an affirmation of what was already known. LeBron James is pretty good at basketball.

My plea is simple.

Dear National Media, Charles Barkley and narrow-minded local sportswriters,
Please keep telling LeBron, he can't do something. I implore you to continue to doubt him. Continue to question him. Please.

Do I think the Cavaliers can win a NBA title any time soon? Do I even think they are a lock to win a first round play-off series?

With apologies to the Rock, it doesn't matter what I think. Not one little bit.

Tell LeBron James, he can't.

Tell him he wasn't ready for the NBA. Did you see the Rookie of the Year trophy?

Tell him he wasn't an all-star. Did you see the two trips and MVP trophy?

Tell him he can't shoot from the outside. Did you see the home opener this season?

Tell him he doesn't play defense. Did you see the end of the Houston game?

Tell him he can't perform at the end of games. Did you see those passes to Flip Murray with the game on the line?

Tell him he won't take the final shot. Did you see the game winner against Charlotte?

Tell him he can’t be MVP. Have you watched as he has become the first ever player in history to win three straight player of the week awards.

Tell him he has no help. Have you noticed Flip Murray and Damon Jones are starting to hit open jumpers? Did you see Donyell Marshall with his outside shot suffering, start to take it to the hole. Have you seen Z giving everything he has on the court? Did notice Larry Hughes is almost ready to return.

So please tell him since he has no experience he can't win in the playoffs. Tell him he can't win in Cleveland. Tell him he can't carry a team to a title. Tell him he isn't better than Oscar, Magic, Bird or Michael.

Tell LeBron James that he can’t do something.